Time Tracking Application

iVersant built an employee time-tracking web application, completely replacing their previous fax-and-compile process.

The client creates an account for each of their distributed workforce employees.

Employees enter each of their bi-monthly timesheets on a single page.

Additionally, employees can upload and retrieve important contractual and tax-related documents.

Instead of manually compiling timesheet data from faxes, the application automatically compiles all the information into simple reports.

These reports are then exportable to the client's existing billing and invoicing solution (QuickBooks).

This application creates on-the-fly charts and reports giving executives important feedback on the financial health of their business.

Client: ComNet Solutions.
Programming language: Ruby.
Application framework: Rails.
Javascript library: jQuery.
Architectuers: MVC, REST.
In production : Client Intranet
Time for core product development: Six weeks.