iVersant built Contactize, a web service that allows webmasters to easily add powerful "contact forms" to their websites.

The main site consists of catchy marketing design, a fully-integrated WordPress blog and, most importantly, a fully automated signup process.

iVersant designed the Contactize billing system to be fully automated. Users simply select one of three service plans and enter their credit card info.

The billing system is integrated with's Customer Information Manager allowing secure transmission and storage of sensitive customer information, and simple recurring billing.

Webmasters simply copy "widget" code from their Contactize account and paste it onto their web page.

The code dynamically creates the contact form using the settings they specified in their Contactize site and their site's own design and layout.

Well-organized drop-down menus and streamlined layout help make even complicated tasks easy.

Premium users have advanced features like contact routing, which enables contact forms to display nested form questions. Visitor's responses determine which responders will receive the email contact.

Two lines of Contactize code pasted onto this web page produce this fully-functional contact form.

This form is in Russian... one of more than 600 languages supported by Contactize.

This form has three levels of advanced routing, used to deliver the email contact to one of a team of responders automatically.

Client: iVersant.
Programming language: Ruby.
Application framework: Rails.
Javascript library: jQuery.
Architectures: MVC, AJAX, REST.
Third party integration: CIM, WordPress.
In production :
Time for core product development: Ten weeks.