Another iVersant startup, IntelZero provides the easiest way on the web to search through nearly 2,000 public information databases. IntelZero provides a dynamic form... as you fill in known information about your subject, additional, targeted lookups appear in the right-hand column.

Some lookups are "auto-lookups". If you click on them, your filled-in information will be automatically entered into the target lookup form and your search results will be automatically displayed in a new window.

IntelZero is an ajax-driven web application. Nearly all if it's functionality is accessible via a single html page. Instead of constant page refreshes, the site behaves more like a desktop application with quick response time and a high density of functionality in a small space.

For example, adding lookups requires no page refreshes. The lookup form is loaded dynamically and the new lookup is added to the list without ever having to leave the current page.

Client: iVersant.
Programming language: PHP.
Application framework: Archon.
Javascript library: jQuery.
Architecture: MVC, AJAX.
In production :
Time for core product development: Three weeks.