iVersant implemented a provided design (delivered as Photoshop files) on top of structured html CMS output to produce this leading travel-guide service website. The project required stringent pixel-perfect adherence to the design documents.

The site design relies heavily on majestic and inspiring photos; every page includes an interactive photo gallery. A small set of highly interactive templates are re-mixed to produce thousands of pages.

To provide a unique experience, most interactions on the site are animated... tiles enlarge, expand, collapse, and shift. Panels slide down and pop up. Windows open and close within the page.

To partially compensate for the heavy image load on each page, in-page ajax content loading pulls in only the new content required to satisfy a user request.

Client: Mountain Madness.
Programming language: Ruby.
Application framework: Rails, HAML, SASS.
Javascript library: jQuery.
Architectures: MVC, AJAX, CMS.
In production :
Time for development: Three months.