Navigating Cancer

Navigating Cancer advocates and enables patient-centered care for cancer survivors.

iVersant redesigned the user experience for the site, and participated in product development over a 12-month period. While responsible for the UX of all new features, a significant proportion of time was spent in engineering as well.

The website merges multiple value propositions into a single product: (1) a library of cancer articles and research for all types of cancer, (2) health management tools for survivors and caregivers, (3) a branded patient portal for cancer clinics, and (4) a community for sharing experiences and discussions.

Borrowing many cues from FaceBook and other best-of-breed apps, Navigating Cancer was redesigned with context-based navigation: the context (e.g. a person, group, or cancer clinic) is clearly displayed in the upper left, and all navigation is relative to that context.

Each navigation-item is a mini-application providing contextual, interactive features centered around a primary use-case.

A user-customized header-bar (we call it the user-bar) provides intelligent context-switching and easy-access account management links.

In addition to tradional search, we created the "Explore" section. Explore provides multi-dimensional search filters enabling users to easily find professional and community resources relevant to their needs.

Each resource resides within it's own context, so we provide an "Explore link" in the user-bar allowing easy return to the last page visited in the Explore section.

The primary site layout chrome is brandable. Clinics can select their own colors and images and have their brand applied to all patients who sign up through their clinic.

We created a patient sign-up wizard (onboarding) which allows cancer clinic patients to fill out their medical forms online from home rather than on a clip-board in the waiting room. Surveys of patients show nearly 90% prefer or highly-prefer using our site to paper.

Client: Navigating Cancer.
Programming language: Ruby.
Application framework: Rails / HAML / SASS.
Javascript library: jQuery.
Architectures: MVC, AJAX, REST.
In production :
Project length: Twelve months.