RoboReport... a shameless DrudgeReport knock-off was created (1) to get familiar with Ruby on Rails, (2) to work on some content-management ideas, and (3) because robots are cool.

RoboReport demonstrates rapid development of custom content management systems. Total development time was two weeks.

The administration is ├╝ber-simple and intuitive. Click on which column you want to add an item to. Drag items from any spot on a page to any other spot (even the headline area) to re-order. Delete any items you no longer want.

New editions are published automatically at midnight and old editions are automatically archived. Beyond simple.

Client: iVersant.
Programming language: Ruby.
Application framework: Rails.
Javascript library: jQuery.
Architectures: MVC, AJAX, REST.
In production :
Time for core product development: Two weeks.